Environment policy

Club Náutico de Portonovo

The Board of Directors NAUTICAL CLUB OF PORTONOVO has decided to establish lines
general performance of the organization by establishing this policy as
guarantee commitment , maintaining and improving the management, operation and services
nautical sports and recreational activities that the organization provides to its members and users .

For this, the NAUTICAL CLUB OF PORTONOVO has decided to develop a system of
Management in accordance with the requirements defined in the UNE- 188004 : 2009 and EMAS Regulation
as a systematic mechanism to ensure the quality of organizational processes . It
likewise undertakes to comply with the Quality Policy and Environmental Management developed in this
document and ensure that all staff NAUTICAL CLUB OF PORTONOVO respects
provisions described in the Management Manual .

Our goal is that the quality of services offered meets the requirements and expectations
of our clients , thus ensuring long- term business success and respect in the middle
atmosphere . It established the following principles:
* Efforts to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, users and
other stakeholders , and analyzing while minimizing environmental risks.

* Our commitment to quality and the environment are the result of actions
planned and systematic prevention, detection , correction and improvement
CONTINUOUS throughout the cycle .
* Commitment to compliance with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the club,
and compliance with voluntary those that decide to adhere .
* Encourage the implementation of additional water activities with social relevance and / or
Sports and assist in the dissemination of tourism environment .
* The fundamental basis of the strength of NAUTICAL CLUB OF PORTONOVO lies in its
employees , who will endeavor at all times a work environment that facilitates
motivation, training , competence and satisfaction for their contribution and responsibility
quality of their work .
* Quality is in the coordinated work of all areas of the company , each of
they assumed direct link between customer and provider services
each of the departments of the organization and people trying to exploit the flow
resulting information as a tool for continuous improvement.
* Take all measures that fall within the possibilities NAUTICAL CLUB
PORTONOVO for the prevention of accidents which may have implications for
human health and the environment.
* Document , review, update and communicate our commitment to the environment.
* The policy provides the framework for the management to define and review
regular quality objectives and environmental management.

See our environmental policy here : http://www.nauticoportonovo.com

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