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Galicia pioneer in the number of facilities that choose to certification

The association of yacht clubs in Galicia, chaired by Javier Díaz Ruiz de Cortazar , and integrated into the Confederation of Nautical Clubs of Spain , signed in April a cooperation agreement with the Xeral Secretaía for Tourism of the Xunta de Galicia, Doña Carmen Pardo, for which we will proceed to the implementation and renewal of the UNE 188004:2009 in several clubs in the association. This standard is commonly known for Q quality facilities for nautical sports .

This agreement will involve both the provision of specific training for the training of those responsible for implementation of the Quality System in Club attached to the provision of individual and collective technical assistance to them .

The rule , published in October 2009 , has been a work of almost 2 years of work by a team of experts , presidents , managers and directors of clubs and marine technicians from different Administrations and National and Autonomous bodies , coordinated by the ICTE , with the challenge of creating a PURPOSE element that stands out to those nautical sports ( sailing clubs ) who want and try to make every day of their ports and facilities more than a parking boats.

Quality as a factor of differentiation of our facilities and yacht clubs , is an essential line of action in the way you approach the competitive strategy of our tourism sector in Galicia. The mark " Q " for quality , managed by the Spanish Institute for Quality Tourism distinguishes entities that acquire the firm and lasting commitment to quality through the implementation of a management system and assurance that allows a competitive advantage over others.

From ASNAUGA , the application of this rule in Galicia , which culminated last year 2011 with the signing of this agreement , in which six clubs won this distinction , placing Galicia as the Community has more quality Q in Spain was promoted Water sports facilities .




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6 Yacht Clubs get the " Q " Quality Tourism

The yacht clubs of Porto-Novo, Sada, Riveira , Ria de Ares , Ribadeo and Real Club Nautico de Vigo , in Galicia, have been awarded the " Q " Quality Tourism sector Nautical sports facilities . The Yacht Club Ribadeo get in the meeting of 12 November. These quality certifications are the result of the agreement signed between the Association of Nautical Club of Galicia ( ASNAUGA ) and Xeral Tourism Secretariat or through Turgalicia.

This encourages us to continue from ASNAUGA , working for our yacht clubs can have high quality and be a reference in Spain and Europe.

This standard of quality of service, a pioneer in the specific field of nautical sports facilities , yacht club or marina, a brand requirements needed to define the level of customer service, increasing the added value of the facility itself , but taking into account the importance of tourism for each municipality 's contribution , both economically and image , Nautical and Deportivo each space can do for your community of citizens to be recipients of a large number of visitors and tourists .

As the main axis of the standard, the requirements for determining that a nautical sports , attractive for tourism development , installation must necessarily provide water sports to its users, this requirement being the main differentiator to those ports only engaged facilities leasing and commercial surfaces mooring or boat parking and, consequently, are not of interest to tourism being only spaces and port facilities whose sole purpose is financial activity and therefore cease to be covered by this tour normalization.

Following the drafting of the standard, which began to be implemented in 2010 , now has 12 Nautical Sports Facilities certified , being located mostly in the Galician Community , largely the result of collaboration between public and private entities , and putting Galicia as the first autonomous region in number of certifications , ahead of others such as Valencian , Catalan , Andalusian or Balearic .



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Its president, José Llorca , ensures that the rules of the Ports Act take into account the social and athletic work of these entities

MADRID , 22 MARCH 2012 - . Development Act State Ports will consider the social and sports work done by Spanish yacht clubs , as he assured the council president Ports, José Llorca , during a meeting held today in Madrid with representatives of the Spanish Confederation of Yacht Clubs ( CEACNA ) .

Llorca said his department under the Ministry of Public Works, will be " sensitive " to the fact differential clubs and has not ruled out that the future development of the law include " bonuses " for social and sporting activities. She also pointed out that the legal text approved in August 2010 , provides for the possibility that the yacht clubs with 80% of children under 12 meter moorings do not have to compete to retain concession deeds .

The CEACNA was represented at this meeting by the chairman of the Association of Yacht Clubs of Valencia, Arturo Miquel , his namesake Galician association , Javier Ruiz Cortazar , as well as the Balearic association manager , Rafael Palmer , the manager the CEACNA , Vic Manuel and Vice President of the Real Club Nautico de Palma , Emérico Fuster .

They have agreed to review the meeting as "very positive" , because the Ministry of Public Works " acknowledges " the work of the clubs in the promotion of water sports and social revitalization of its municipalities . They have also welcomed the fact that the CEACNA , which this year has surpassed the hundred member clubs and 50,000 members , has finally been considered one of the most important partners of the Spanish recreational boating .

The Spanish yacht clubs are historically demanding recognition of their work in the social , sporting and tourist industry and claiming its management model as the most sustainable recreational port sector. In this sense, the sensitivity shown by Llorca supposed , in the words of Ralph Palmer, " an encouragement to continue working in the same line of excellence, transparency and commitment to society ."



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Last January, an agreement between the Ministry of Environment Planning and Infrastructure and the Association of Nautical Club of Galicia ( ASNAUGA ) by which it seeks to optimize service delivery in the marinas belong to yacht clubs was signed on Environment and weather through Meteogalicia .

The Department will provide the diagnostic and prognostic results from the execution of oceanographic numerical models , and create a space on your website , where you can access these forecasts , further sent to each club by email every day. Likewise, the Cosellería advise and collaborate with ASNAUGA in the implementation of possible weather stations to be installed in the Nautical Club .

ASNAUGA provide the Department all information recorded by weather stations available to its partners , pledging to the dissemination of weather forecasts among its members and users of its marinas .


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