Rías Altas

Confirm reservation or availability in each port 15 days in advance in summer and 72 hours in winter.


Discover this coast from the sea, where the Romans thought the land ended. From Ribadeo to Finisterre, its jagged, wild coastline, with immeasurable cliffs, very long and virgin beaches, spectacular scenery and heritage attractions, gastronomy, its popular traditions, its people, and the uniqueness of its seafaring towns. You will be able to enjoy an unbeatable experience, getting to know virgin beaches, and stopping at the facilities associated with ASNAUGA, with all the comforts and services available.

These Rías are usually divided into: Costa da Morte, Costa Artabra, and Mariña Lucense.

You can choose a minimum of 2 nights in any port or ports of the ASNAUGA network, at the Real Club Náutico de Ribadeo, Club de Mar Ferrol (maximum length 14 meters), Club Náutico Rías de Ares, Real Club Náutico de A Coruña, Club Náutico de Camariñas (maximum length 14 meters).

Get to know them and enjoy in a different way, you will return.

What the experiencie includes?

  • The moorings in the different ports of call established.
  • The discounts and attentions in each port if you carry the Asnauga credential stamped (optional for each installation).

Does not include

  • Transfer to the ports of departure.
  • Meals and / or dinners on land and by boat.
  • The transfer to the port of origin.
  • The navigation of the vessels is at the risk and expense of each one of them.