Nautical Experiencies


… You will love traveling the coast from port to port and from lighthouse to lighthouse. Whether or not you have a boat, as a skipper or letting yourself go … we offer you a new and sustainable alternative to be able to enjoy the sea.

Those who have sailed know that the coast seen from the sea is unparalleled. From the serenity of the deck, the majesty of the cliffs, the stillness of the large sandy beaches, the secular facades of the seafaring villages and the welcoming embrace with which the Rías welcome you, have a new vision.

You have the possibility to enjoy sailing and getting to know the Galician coastal towns, its estuaries, and its gastronomy, in an easy and comfortable way, enjoying the sea. Browse Galicia, it is at your fingertips.

We offer you the possibility that you can dock in our marinas for between two and five nights.

You must select the option that interests you, indicating the length of the boat and the nights to dock.

Later, you will have to confirm sufficiently in advance, in the destination ports, the availability for the dates you want and deliver the corresponding voucher upon arrival.

There is a summer and a winter voucher.

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