In the marina of Cabo Cruz ( Yacht Club Boiro )

Director of Tourism Galicia, Nava Castro , the mayor of Environment Boiro , Juan Antonio Moledo, and President of the Association of Yacht Clubs of Galicia ( Asnauga ), Javier Ruiz de Cortázar, yesterday inaugurated the first of the totems or information points to be installed in the Yacht Clubs with Quality Q and can already be used in the marina of Cabo de Cruz, and will soon begin to put others in the region and Galicia.

This performance is the result of signed in July by the Xunta with this group to promote nautical tourism in Galicia, and included the development of a computer application to spread the resources associated with the practice of the nautical convention. Ruiz explained that Cortazar is an innovative and pioneering tool in Spain and which is implemented in Galicia for the first time through panels that provide all the necessary information, in Spanish , English and French , on port facilities and natural resources and property as the supply of tourism products and services . Castro stressed that offers the ability to find availability in other associated ports and make reservations at any of the network facilities

It is a computer located within a stainless steel, 180 cm high and 22-inch digital screen that is available to users of harbors and connecting "on line" to marinas that have the Q quality .

In addition to easy access to all information about the Galician water belonging to Asnauga , both services and facilities , allows the user to reserve a place you want to go to another port traffic , and even has access to the local weather forecast , thanks serving the association contracted with Meteogalicia . Asnauga President , Javier Ruiz de Cortázar , said yesterday the director of Tourism Galicia, Nava Castro , Councilman Antonio Moledo Boiro , and presidents and directors of various water of Galicia , the operation of totem, while adding that this application developed by the company Dosmados - Hacte is added to the already implemented in mobile phones only in Europe, and the web page with a dynamic directory of clubs that provide the location of the port to the letter who are looking for a mooring line to their preferences.

Director of Tourism Galicia, Nava Castro said about the tool " so convértese noutro two developments to cover two ace NEEDS potenciais tourists who decide to visit Galicia attracted polas woody shores ." He also stressed the information easy to achieve both facility users and tourists , who will have access to "all to deal produtos e principais related and complementary Servizos coa sailing in Galicia ."

The data points are oriented to mariners calling at each port , but also for visitors and tourists who come to the marinas.

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