Pilot book

Real Club Náutico de Ribadeo

Daytime approach.

This should be done with Pancha Island (with the Ribadeo lighthouse) 1 mile away and at 186º, at which point we will be able to follow the Punta Castrelius -Punta Castropol leading line (TH=170º). Once we are on the Ribadeo lighthouse -Punta de la Cruz leading line, we will head to Punta Arroxo (TH=140º) until we are on the leading line of Punta de la Cruz -Muelle de García (which belongs to the Yacht Club). Next, we will sail at 205º until we pass between the third and fourth pillar (counting from east to W) of the Los Santos bridge that connects Asturias with Lugo and, once these have been passed, we will head to the Yacht Club pier.


Nighttime approach.

We will take into account the marker buoys. Approaching from Asturias, we will leave with the light of the Tapia lighthouse on the port side (GpD(2 1)B 19s 24m 18M). From Galicia, we will find our position using the San Cibrao lighthouse (Gpd(5)R 20s 41m 20M). With our locations at the Ribadeo lighthouse (GpD(3 1)B 20s 28m 21M) and Punta de la Cruz (Gpd(4)R 11s 18m 7M) we will be able to look for the first leading light -Punta de Arroxo- which marks the TH: 140º (front light IsoR 20m 5M and 228m after the OcR 4s back light). The 2nd leading line -at the Porcillán pier- marks the TH: 205º to pass between the pillars of the bridge. The front light is of the RPR 0.6s 10m 3M type and the back light, 177.7m from the front light, OCR 2s 20m 3M. Pillars 3 and 4 of the Los Santos Bridge (where we pass through) are marked: port GpD (4)R 11s 10m 4M and starboard GDD(2)V 7s 10m 4M.

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