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Club Náutico Rianxo

The Yacht Club Rianxo is in the province of A Coruña (Galicia ) in the village of Rianxo and within the same port in the bay that bears his name at the bottom of the Ria de Arosa, and between ends and Fincheira Porto Mouro .



by sea

nautical Chart

I.H.M. 926 , 415 I.H.M. , 415 C I.H.M. and 4152 I.H.M.

The boats that are out of the river and seek access to the Nautical Club of Rianxo proceed following a canal, which lies between the island and mainland Sálvora O Grove, is 2 m wide and 60 m funds is practicable in all circumstances and for all boat. Within the estuary, and overcome the peninsula of O Grove and Sálvora island , you set a course to pass between the island and the island Jidoiro Pedregoso Rua. This channel , with about 1,600 m of width and depth of 60-70 m, is the safest and advisable for all vessels bound into the estuary. After passing it for its mediocrity , we will amend the heading to navigate to 025 degrees to overcome the tip -toe position Cabío Barbafeita , at which time we will fall 50 degrees to starboard to reach the meridian 008 degrees 50 '. Located , we will amend it again to navigate along the meridian direction N to position ourselves in front of the entrance to the port marked out while we're going down slowly in towards NNE, thus avoiding a bass with 2,3 m of water located 0 , 4 M ESE of Porto Mouro tip . It has made %u200B%u200Bnext to the dam of S (green mark ) , where the yacht club facilities . The N area is occupied by mussel fleet vessels , often very close tie to the entrance and you should pay attention.

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