Environment policy

Club Náutico de Sada


The Yacht Club Nautical SADA is a sports facility with maintenance and repair of vessels and fueling. Its mission is to promote the practice of water sports that make up the character of the people , which give us the necessary skills and seamanship skills, committed to the protection of the marine environment and contribute to the economy and tourism promotion Hall Sada and locality .

In YACHT CLUB OF SADA we are aware of the great importance that we must give both the preservation and conservation of our natural environment and to the safety and accessibility of members , users, suppliers and other stakeholders Therefore, and with the firm intention of improve our performance and show our commitment to the environment , security and accessibility in relation to the criteria u201CBandera Blue % % u201D and UNE 188004:2009 Travel Services in Plants for nautical sports , we are committed to ensuring the Club's own staff , users , government and society in general compliance with all laws that apply to us , best practices and continuous improvement in Quality Management by processes of tourism services in nautical sports facility , our behavior, especially regarding the significant environmental aspects, such as the consumption of resources (water, energy , % u2026 ) , waste generation and in terms of labor and accessibility derivatives risks.

The activity of maintenance and repair of vessels is particularly relevant in our business. Therefore, it is our priority environmental awareness , safety and accessibility through the dissemination of codes of good practice :

* reduce consumption of resources

* avoid direct discharges to the

* reduce risks to safety and accessibility

* inform them about the proper disposal of waste generated by them

* control air emissions and noise

* inform them about the dangers associated with facilities

* emergency plan and available means fire 

From this commitment , establish improvement programs in which the measures taken to monitor the goals and objectives contained in those programs in order to minimize environmental and occupational hazards significant and accessibility specified .

The members of YACHT CLUB OF SADA , concessionaires and suppliers and contractors in the development of its activities in our facilities are required to comply with environmental standards and safety and accessibility in accordance with this Policy.


In Sada, to June 9, 2011

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