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Real Club Náutico de Ribadeo

Manual of Good Environmental Practices




environmental policy


The REAL RIBADEO YACHT CLUB is an organization that promotes activities related to the sea for the benefit of users, partners , visitors and the local population in general, by developing leisure activities, sports , environmental and tourism . Aware of the privileged location of its facilities within the Natura 2000 Network Ribadeo is a maximum of Directive protection of nature , its environment and environmental commitment . Therefore , Directive REAL YACHT CLUB RIBADEO has implemented an Environmental Management System , achieving the benefits of all stakeholders , with the commitment to work on continuous improvement , prevention of pollution, legislative compliance respects to their environmental impacts to all relevant functions and levels as well as adapting to new changes.


Directive YACHT CLUB REAL RIBADEO understands that there must be a balance between the development of the organization and its activities, as well as environmental protection and natural heritage preservation commitment to sustainably.


The guidelines set out in this environmental policy are the foundations that should be governed by the REAL YACHT CLUB RIBADEO face to take responsibility and commitment to manage environmentally sustainable manner and all its activities and facilities REAL CLUB YACHT RIBADEO , forming and raising awareness among users of the same . And as proof of this, the Royal Yacht Club RIBADEO undertakes:


§ Ensure continuous improvement and pollution prevention as a standard of conduct.

§ Comply with environmental laws and regulations at all levels as well as any other requirements subscribed with stakeholders.

§ Promote processes , practices and the use of materials or products that avoid , reduce or minimize pollution or waste of resources .

§ Provide feedback environmental management for improvements to increase the commitment of Royal Yacht Club RIBADEO and users with the natural environment , maximizing the processes and reducing resource costs .

§ Integrate environmental factors into the planning of new processes and modifying existing ones.

§ continually train staff according to their activity and their responsibility to environmental management , providing the knowledge necessary for them to develop their business with the utmost respect for the environment.

§ Inform and sensitize users about the environmental practices to develop facilities and awareness to the environmental impacts associated with the activities in the NAUTICAL CLUB REAL RIBADEO .

§ Establish objectives and environmental goals achievable and consistent with environmental issues through the provision of resources and human and material resources needed to achieve them.

§ Ensure that the policy is available to users by placing it in a conspicuous place of the premises and providing it to all staff who work on behalf of the Royal Yacht Club RIBADEO and stakeholders that request .


As President of the Royal Yacht Club RIBADEO I promise to continuously develop the guidelines set forth herein .



the President

D. Ramón González Acuña





We are all responsible to detect where in the process can save energy , raw materials and auxiliary materials.

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