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Its president, José Llorca , ensures that the rules of the Ports Act take into account the social and athletic work of these entities

MADRID , 22 MARCH 2012 - . Development Act State Ports will consider the social and sports work done by Spanish yacht clubs , as he assured the council president Ports, José Llorca , during a meeting held today in Madrid with representatives of the Spanish Confederation of Yacht Clubs ( CEACNA ) .

Llorca said his department under the Ministry of Public Works, will be " sensitive " to the fact differential clubs and has not ruled out that the future development of the law include " bonuses " for social and sporting activities. She also pointed out that the legal text approved in August 2010 , provides for the possibility that the yacht clubs with 80% of children under 12 meter moorings do not have to compete to retain concession deeds .

The CEACNA was represented at this meeting by the chairman of the Association of Yacht Clubs of Valencia, Arturo Miquel , his namesake Galician association , Javier Ruiz Cortazar , as well as the Balearic association manager , Rafael Palmer , the manager the CEACNA , Vic Manuel and Vice President of the Real Club Nautico de Palma , Emérico Fuster .

They have agreed to review the meeting as "very positive" , because the Ministry of Public Works " acknowledges " the work of the clubs in the promotion of water sports and social revitalization of its municipalities . They have also welcomed the fact that the CEACNA , which this year has surpassed the hundred member clubs and 50,000 members , has finally been considered one of the most important partners of the Spanish recreational boating .

The Spanish yacht clubs are historically demanding recognition of their work in the social , sporting and tourist industry and claiming its management model as the most sustainable recreational port sector. In this sense, the sensitivity shown by Llorca supposed , in the words of Ralph Palmer, " an encouragement to continue working in the same line of excellence, transparency and commitment to society ."



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Last January, an agreement between the Ministry of Environment Planning and Infrastructure and the Association of Nautical Club of Galicia ( ASNAUGA ) by which it seeks to optimize service delivery in the marinas belong to yacht clubs was signed on Environment and weather through Meteogalicia .

The Department will provide the diagnostic and prognostic results from the execution of oceanographic numerical models , and create a space on your website , where you can access these forecasts , further sent to each club by email every day. Likewise, the Cosellería advise and collaborate with ASNAUGA in the implementation of possible weather stations to be installed in the Nautical Club .

ASNAUGA provide the Department all information recorded by weather stations available to its partners , pledging to the dissemination of weather forecasts among its members and users of its marinas .


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