The yacht clubs lead the promotion of nautical tourism


The Spanish Confederation of Yacht Clubs ( CEACNA ) signed an agreement with Turespaña

Training Camps Trophy regatta Arenal is considered an example of tourism product for the seasonal

PALMA, APRIL 17, 2013 - . President of the Spanish Confederation of Yacht Clubs ( CEACNA ), Jose Jaubert , yesterday signed an agreement with the Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego , which aims to establish a framework of Turespaña collaboration between maritime and nautical clubs and for marketing activities aimed at strengthening the position in the international market for the product nautical tourism in 2013 .

The agreement calls , inter alia, by enhancing the performance of trade missions to spread the nautical destination Spain through foreign media , improve overall communication , organizing presentations and establish a joint promotion strategy .

The main purpose of the agreement is to publicize the activities of the yacht clubs and promote nautical tourism in the low season , following the example of the High Performance Centre ( CAR) of Murcia and Training Camps Trophy regatta Arenal (Mallorca ) that have contributed to the seasonally adjusted tourist sea facilitating access to selections Olympic sailing north and central Europe in the winter months .

Furthermore, the Board of CEACNA , attended by representatives of associations of yacht clubs Murcia , Baleares, Valencia and the Canary Islands was also held .

The meeting served to unify positions on issues currently affecting the clubs. One of the most pressing is the need to promote sports sponsorship law which serves to slow the decline of sponsorship. The CEACNA highlights the major events leading to the yacht clubs ends with the help of corporate sponsors help to publicize the excellence of marine products .

He also spoke of the Coastal Act . Concerned that the new text does not provide indubitable way of revoking the concession terms to 2018. A drafting the regulations remain subject to interpretation and legal uncertainties affect investment in ports. The CEACNA considers that Law must dispel any doubt in this regard and contemplate the same terms for all coastal concessions without cuts for marinas.

In this sense, Miquel Sunyer , president of the Association of Yacht Clubs of Baleares ( ACNB ) , found that the State Ports Act must be harmonized with the Coastal Act and was concerned about " drift " of the parliamentary process this final rule to establish distinctions between port concessions and other coastal public spaces.

Finally, CEACNA established that the yacht clubs are " weathering " better than other auto crisis, which allows them to be familiar with the administration fee , but draws attention to the " persistent difficulties " and claims public authorities , particularly the port authorities , restraining their " collection effort " , following the instructions of the President of ports, José Llorca , who said in March that " the Spanish ports are able to to lower rates to serve the productive economy through reducing costs. "




Final this Saturday from 13.30 hours with a coastal route from Round Portonovo Sanxenxo


The final prize giving will also be on Saturday at the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo afternoon

                                                                     Portonovo , Friday April 19, 2013

This Saturday and if time allows, will end on the Ria de Pontevedra 's Challenge Cruise Enmacosa that are jointly organizing the Real Club de Mar Aguete , Portonovo Yacht Club and Real Club Nautico de Sanxenxo. For this third and final day of trophy less wind and sea is expected to last weekend , so most likely the Committee are encouraged to add a route for the ORC passing through Picamillo headlights and front Ons Camouco as is be traditional, while the Classics ( with major break down CASSANDRA bat ) probably make one a little shorter and the Mourisca Morrazán . The flight is scheduled to take place from 13.30 to forecast north and northwest winds reaching 12 knots. Recall that by now march at the top of the division AGUETE Classics (Formosa 51 - José Luis Guitart - Naval Marín School ) followed with 2 points NOCTURNE (Nicholson 1957 - Enrique Barreiro - Agabace ) 4 and in third place were it tied with 8 points on CASSANDRA ( Hillyard 36 - Javier Pazó - C. Agabace / Portonovo ) and SARA O ( Dorna Lecer - Avelino Xosé Ochoa - CN Portonovo ) , but having broken the bat the first, it is certain that the bronze now ensures SARA O.

In ORC Class 1 go well they matched the OZOAQUA ( IMX 38 - Juan Carlos Perez - CN Combarro ) with 5 points and ZIRALLA FIRST ( Astraea 330 - Ramón Barreiro - CND Barraña - Boiro ) with 6 , being now further in third position the ACCASTILLAGE DIFUSSION SANXENXO ( Beneteau 25 - Jaime Barreiro - RCN Sanxenxo ) 10 . In Class 2 leads very convenient enxuto ( First 310 - Pablo Conde - Combarro CN ) with 3 points followed GRIFFIN ( First 27.7 - . _RCM Francisco Freire Aguete ) 7 and nejra SPARK (RO 300 - José Rey - CN Beluso) 8 and finally , in Class 3, also quite comfortable running the SQUID ( First 23.5 - Francisco Lusquiños - CN Portonovo ) with 4 points, followed by AQUARI ( Oceanis 351- Luis Aguete Malvar -RCM ) and SANTIAGO ROMA BAIXAS RIAS ( Yatlant 24 - Iñaki Beluso Carbajo -CN ) both with 7 points.

If everything runs correctly, the same Saturday will be the final prize to all classes in the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo.




After the second day , the class will generally commanded by OZOAQUA , enxuto , SQUID and AGUETE



Wind excellent and very technical day on a long coastal path inside the Ria de Pontevedra

                                                                        Portonovo , Saturday April 14, 2013

Superb day of sun and wind on Sunday in the Ria de Pontevedra for the second day of the Challenge Cruise Enmacosa that are jointly organizing the Real Club de Mar Aguete, Portonovo Yacht Club and Real Club Nautico de Sanxenxo. On this second day started in Aguete, a coastal path 13.8 miles for ORC and 8.48 for Classic was held. Tours of some very technical and very maneuver beacons inside the Rías of Pontevedra as were those of Tambo , PUD, or Morrazán Portocelo and arrival versus Portonovo breakwater. Southwest winds ranging entered 15 and 20 knots , the output at the edge of 13.00 initially came to the Classics , where they did closely matched the NOCTURNE (Nicholson 1957 - Enrique Barreiro - Agabace ) , CASSANDRA ( Hillyard 36 - Javier Pazó - C. Agabace / Portonovo ) and SARA O ( Dorna Lecer - Avelino Xosé Ochoa - CN Portonovo ) has AGUETE (Formosa 51 - José Luis Guitart - Escuela Naval Marín ) coming from behind the beat and in the second section and thereafter no longer left that position of privilege, which served him to gain real-time offset t , followed by NOCTURNE and SARA O.

The ORC also had a very clear dominator of the fleet almost from the beginning in the OZOAQUA ( IMX 38 - Juan Carlos Perez - Combarro CN ) also won in Class 1 followed by SPERRY MELGES ( Melges 32 - Alberto Figueira - CN Combarro ) dominator real and speeds out of the ordinary. But offset , which is what counts , won the Class 1 followed ZIRALLA FIRST ( Astraea 330 - Ramón Barreiro - CND Barraña - Boiro ) and AGUIEIRA (Sun Oddisey 40 - Tino Aguete Campelo -RCM ) . In Class 2 won by only seven seconds enxuto ( First 310 - Pablo Conde - CN Combarro ) followed GRIFFIN ( First 27.7 - . Francisco Freire _RCM Aguete ) who lost just precious time in an approach that made him , being third on SPARK nejra (RO 300 - José Rey - Beluso CN ) and finally , in Class 3 , the victory was on this occasion for AQUARI ( Oceanis 351- Luis Aguete Malvar -RCM ) followed by SQUID ( First 23.5 - Francisco Lusquiños - CN Portonovo ) and third ROMA RIAS BAIXAS SANTIAGO ( Yatlant 24 - Iñaki Beluso Carbajo -CN ) .

The general absence of ORC classes a single day goes CLASS 1 OZOAQUA led by 5 points, followed by 6 and ZIRALLA ACCASTILLAGE SANXENXO DIFFUSION 10 . CLASS 2 In first enxuto going with 3 points, followed by TAP SPARK nejra 7 and 8 . And in CLASS 3 dominates the SQUID with 4 points, followed by AQUARI and SANTIAGO ROMA, both with 7 points. Classics is winning for now AGUETE with 2 points, followed by NOCTURNE 4 and SARA O and CASSANDRA tied with 8 points.

A mid-afternoon at the newly renovated Yacht Club Portonovo awards to overall winners of the day that were OZOAQUA in ORC and became AGUETE Classics .

For next Saturday it is scheduled to be held the last scoring stage for both categories departing at 13.30 h . and consisting of a long distance between the ports of Sanxenxo Portonovo and final prize with all classes in the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo.




Nuevamente los tres Clubes de la Ría de Pontevedra se unen por décimo año consecutivo para llevar a cabo la Regata Ría de Pontevedra que patrocina Enmacosa



Al igual que en la Edición anterior, participará la flota ORC y la de Clásicos

No faltará a su cita el tradicional y prestigioso Trofeo Enmacosa que cumple su 9ª edición y se celebrará a partir de este sábado día 13 en la ría de Pontevedra. La firma Enmacosa lleva patrocinando ese número de años la que inicialmente se define como Regata Ría de Pontevedra que tiene un año más de antigüedad en cuanto a ediciones se refiere. El Trofeo Enmacosa se interpreta en los últimos años como el pistoletazo de salida de los grandes eventos, sobre todo de cruceros, que a partir de la primavera comienzan en la Ría de Pontevedra. La Regata significa además un importante nexo de amistad y colaboración entre los tres clubes organizadores que intentarán dar las mayores atenciones como siempre a los más de 30 barcos que se esperan para la presente edición a la que le corresponde empezar y acabar en el Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo, ya que el itinerario es rotativo cada año. Nuevamente tendrá este año tres jornadas como fué en su creación, teniendo los Cruceros ORC cuatro pruebas, dos de las cuales tendrán lugar ya este sábado día 13 con salida a las 14.00 horas para hacer primero un recorrido de los denominados técnicos, es decir, un “bastón” o Barlovento/sotavento para a continuación hacer un costero de mediana distancia donde se integran los Clásicos y de Época, que normalmente hacen un recorrido un poco más corto que los ORC, para ir desde Sanxenxo hasta Aguete donde se hará entrega de los premios a los vencedores globales de la jornada. Al día siguiente, el domingo día 14, tendrá lugar la tercera prueba puntuable para los ORC (segunda para los Clásicos y de Época) con salida a las 13.00 h. y consistente en un recorrido largo entre los puertos de Aguete y Portonovo virando si el tiempo lo permite, sendos faros frente a Ons y Bueu y con entrega también como el día anterior de los premios a los vencedores globales del día en una recepción en el Club Náutico Portonovo. La última jornada será el sábado 20 con salida a las 13.30 h. para hacer un recorrido costero largo como el domingo anterior, pero desde Portonovo hasta Sanxenxo, haciéndose la entrega de premios final a media tarde en el Real Club de esta localidad.

Destacar que la inscripción es totalmente gratuita, lo cual agradecen los participantes en estos tiempos tan austeros, gracias a la aportación de Enmacosa.

La inscripción aún está en pleno auge a estas alturas de semana, pero como en los últimos años, estarán varios barcos de otras rías y puertos distintos de la de Pontevedra.

Recordemos que los pódiums del año pasado fueron en División Regata el ZIRALLA (Astraea 330 – Ramón Barreiro – C.N.D. Barraña-Boiro), seguido del CORSARIO VI (First 45s5 – José Durán – L.C. Vilagarcía) y JUANCAMARÍA 3 (IMX 38 – Juan Carlos Pérez Olmedo – CN Combarro).

La División Crucero/Regata fue para el ENXUTO (First 310 - Pablo Conde – CN Combarro), siendo segundo el CHISPA NEJRA (RO 300 – José Rey – CN Beluso) y tercero el GRIFO (First 27.7 – Francisco Freire _RCM. Aguete).

La División Crucero se la adjudicó el SEBRALA (Bavaria 50-Magin Froiz-RCN Sanxenxo) y tras él SANTIAGO ROMA RIAS BAIXAS (Yatlant 24 - Iñaki Carbajo-CN Beluso) y OLIVER II (Brin de Folie-José Mº Tilve-CN Beluso).

Por último, en Clásicos quedaron, primero el CASSANDRA (Hillyard 36 - Javier Pazó – Agabace/Portonovo), segundo el SARA O (Dorna Recreo Galega – Xoxé Ochoa- Agabace/San Vicente) y tercero el MARIE (Banjer 37 – Guillermo Gefaell – Agabace/RCM Aguete).





Ferrolatlántica sponsors the fifth edition of O Mar na escola





    More than hundred and twenty students from schools and Manuela Rial Mouzo Cee Eugenio Lopez , Santa Eulalia de Dumbría , Sea Fóra Finisterre and Praia Quenxe Corcubión will participate in this recreational and educational initiative.
    The program , which also collaborate concellos Cee , Dumbría , Finisterre and Corcubión begins March 4 .

Corcubión , February 26, 2013 - . Sailing School Cataventos Corcubión presented this morning the " O Mar 2013 na Escola " , a project in which more than hundred and twenty students from colleges concellos Cee , Dumbría , Finisterre and Corcubión . The initiative, which begins on Monday, March 4 and will be held during the months of March, April and May, with the sponsorship of Ferroatlantica and collaboration of the four concellos .

The presentation , held in the clubhouse Maritime Carrumeiro Corcubión , Carlos came Oliete , director of factories and Cee Ferroatlantica Dumbría ; Zaira Rodriguez , Mayor of Cee ; Santiago Insua , Condejal of Sports Concello Finisterre ; Manuela Fernández , Council of Social Services Condello Corcubión ; Manuel Villaverde , President of the Galician Sailing Federation , Roberto García Head of Sport or Sport to Xeral Secretary , also attended by the principals and teachers of the participating schools and representatives of the School Cataventos Sailing and Yacht Club Vice Carrumeiro Antonio Dominguez, who detailed the benefits of this program for elementary students .

The school will receive theoretical and practical training on biodiversity of the seas and oceans , weather and theory of sailing and kayaking, all framed in the subject Coñecemento do mean . This project is a youth approach the sea and its environment through the sport . They may approach the medium in which they live, value and care of marine resources and environment of the river, close to the sport in general and

in particular sailing, and learn the basics of navigation, always in a playful mood and establishing the best relationship between student- monitor.

The first session was held in each of the schools, where technicians Cataventos School impart a lecture on digital media supported and practical exercises. Successive sessions will be held in the spring Corcubión and the Club Marítimo Carrumeiro .

In total are four to six sessions per group. The project ends in June with the presentation of certificates to each participant and a cartouche to the school in which the entire group appears .

The program, which is already developing for eleven years in Camariñas through its City Council and its yacht club on the initiative of teachers and sports coaches , Cee was implemented in five years ago with great success of acceptance.


Cee - Concello : Manuela Rial Mouzo College (28 students in 5th grade ) and Eugenio Lopez Ceip (26 students in the 3rd grade) .

- City Council of Dumbría : Ceip Santa Eulalia ( 25 students in 5th and 6th grade ) .

Finisterre - Concello : Ceip Fóra Sea (24 students in 5th grade) .

- Concello Corcubión : Ceip Quenxe Praia (21 students of 3rd and 4th grade) .

Support Ferroatlantica

This whole program is done with the support and sponsorship of Ferroatlantica that , under its Corporate Social Responsibility, continues to focus on sports and training of young people in the area through one of the most innovative educational projects the Costa da Morte.


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